Talks & Retreats

One night in a vision the Lord said to Paul, “Do not be afraid. Go on speaking, and do not be silent, for I am with you.  -Acts 18:9-10

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The Role of Family, Children, and Parents in the Church

1. The Role of the Family

2. The Role of Children

3. The Role of Parents

Sacraments of Initiation; Laying the Foundation

1. What is a Sacrament

2. Baptism & Confirmation

3. Holy Eucharist

Baptism for Parents and God Parents; Keepers of the Light

1. What is Baptism

2. Growth in Faith

3. Leading by Example

Baptism; A Child of the Light

1. The Waters of Baptism

2. Dead to Sin

3. Life in Christ Jesus

Eucharist; Food for the Journey

1. The Eucharist Prefigured

2. The Bread of Life

3. The Real Presence

Confirmation for Parents and Sponsors; A Guide on the Journey

1. What is Confirmation

2. Gifts/Fruits of the Spirit

3. The Sponsor’s Role

Youth Confirmation; Come Follow Me

1. Hearing God’s Call

2. The Mission

3. The Cost

Youth Confirmation; The Armor of God

1. A Soldier of Christ

2. The  Power of the Spirit

3. Proclaim the Kingdom

Reconciliation; Remain Connected to Life

1. God is Love

2. The Effects of Sin

3. Ambassadors for Christ

Light of the World; Our Life In Christ

1. The Christian Starting Point

2. A Life Lived In Community

3. Living As Children of the Light

The Parish Council; A Gift to the Pastor

1.  What It Is, & What It Does

2.  Members;Who They Are;What They Do

3. Breaking Down the Mission

The Commandments; An Overview

1. The Place of the Law

2. Love of God

3. Love of Neighbor I

4. Love of Neighbor II

Christian Discipleship; Stewards of God’s Gifts

1. All In For God

2. Time

3. Talent

4. Treasure

Intro. to the Catechism of the Catholic Church

1. The History

2. The Framework

3. Putting to Good Use

Intro. to Scripture Hearing God’s Voice

1. The Old Testament

2. The Life of Christ

3. The Early Church

A Leadership Retreat; The Wisdom of Vatican II Documents

1. The Place of Scripture

2. A Place of Diversity

3. The Christian Mission

A Leadership Retreat; Jesus, Our Model

1. Jesus Our Model

2. Loved and Blessed

3. Being Sacrament

4. The Mission

On Journey W/ St. Paul; St. Paul’s Vision of the World

1. Behold! New Things Have Come

2. An Ordered Creation

3. Dead to Sin and Living for God

4. Many Parts, Yet One Body

The Season of Lent; (It’s Not About Chocolate)

1. What Is Lent?

2. Why 40 Days?

3. Rooted in Baptism

The Theological Virtues/Divine Virtues

1. What Are the Virtues?

2. Faith

3. Hope

4. Love

The Cardinal Virtues/The Human Virtues

1. Prudence

2. Justice

3. Temperance

4. Fortitude

Understanding the Mass; Join In the Unending Hymn

1. Introductory Rites

2. Liturgy of the Word

3. Liturgy of the Eucharist

4. Concluding Rites

Marian Doctrine; An Overview

1. Intercessory Prayer

2. Immaculate Conception

3. The Assumption

4. The Rosary

Apologetics; An Introduction

1. Scripture and Tradition

2. The Primacy of Peter

3. The Real Presence

4. Purgatory

The Sermon On the Mount; Salt and Light

1. An Introduction and Overview

2. Mourning the Human Condition

3. Humility, Righteousness, and Mercy

4. The Persecuted, Peaceful, and Pure

To Love Like Christ; 1 Corinthians 13

1. Love

2. More Love

3. Even More Love

4. Yet More Love

The Faith We Profess; We Believe…

1. …In God

2. …In Jesus Christ

3. …In the Holy Spirit

4. …In the Church

Keeping Christ In Christmas; Stop Blaming the World!

1. The Season of Advent

2. Remaining Focused

3. He Will Come Again!

Vocations; An Overview

1. What Is  A Vocation?

2.  How Many Vocations Are There?

3. Do I Have A Vocation?

4. How To Nurture Your Vocation